The Winner + Video

To all my W.U. readers,

it's time to name the WINNER of my first giveaway!

Congratulation to:

Paola Ancona 
You won the Easter Bunny giveaway.
Please send me a private message with your address so I can send it to you!!!

And here what Paola told me about WHY she love Easter:

I love it how in Europe Easter is a great holiday and you always celebrate it and decorate... my family and I love easter but here in mexico it's not very traditional  

to all the other people who singed in don't be sad. I guess the next time I'll do an second giveaway (but this time it'll be a digital created one)

well and as consolation prize I'll post the third part of the Easter Bunny video too!

I put all the entries into an old hat I found today and picked up the winner. I'll also post some photos I did! ;)

AND I'll post the cutest explanations WHY the some of the people LOVE Easter. 

the third part of the video and after that the best Easter Posts:

Cheryl posted:
When my daughter was younger, we would hide Easter eggs. She would be so excited that the Easter bunny came. She would then go outside and try and find all the eggs (plastic) and the basket he left. That is just one of the reasons I love Easter. The most important is the fact that Jesus died and rose again!! 

Sandra C. posted:
That bunny looks really cool. That' why I participate in that giveaway. I love Easter because of all the beautiful flowers and (hopefully) because there will be no snow anymore ^^ The time we spent with our families is really precious to me and I don't wanny miss that. so i hope i'll win the easter bunny :D by the way, your blog is FANTASTIC!!

Desmond O'shea posted:
i love easter because ist easter!
(Very simple but great) :)

Leila Rathje posted:
I love Easter 'cause the it's the best opportunity to spend a lot of time with my family and friends. And of course all the colorful eggs *lol*

Nussi die Nuss posted:
I love easter because i love eggs - chocolate eggs :-)

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