First commission work 2012

well guys I'm very busy this week so I have to post a quick update.

Nothin' really new or special. Just an new W.U. post! Cartoony style.

Some 2012 Christmas Card Design I did as commission work. !!! Yea my first commission work haha :)



Mr. Owl

okay hey W.U. viewer/reader/visitor all of u a very nice Sunday.

Just a new blog post. At this time somethin' special. First of all it's a traditional drawin' I did at 2012 (can't remember the time as I draw it right now). It's a animal cartoony drawin' and I had a lot of fun to draw it haha :) YEA

And secondly u can watch the process how I paint it. Yea u read right: U can watch it. It's a youtube video.


I love this little guy with its nice cloth. Maybe he'll like to go to an candle-light-dinner with its girlfriend ;) very nice.



Guys this is just an EPIC day. Or should I rather say: It's the Judgment Day?!

Haha that would be a bit to much, isn't it... so do u ask yourself: What the hell he's talkin' about?!
So u got the answer: I finally got my FIRST Iphone ever haha. Well some of u might think I'm to crazy but it's just I waited a loooooooong time for that opportunity! And today it came.

Great. U know why I'm soooo happy today ;) but let's talk about Art, Cartoon and my next entry. These are two entries today. A rough sketch and the finall pic.

It's Hephaestus. Had a lot of fun to creat this little cartoon character.
Did the WIP with MyPaint and the rest with Photoshop! Love this two tools. Amazing. What do u think?


Santas elf

well finally I finished another workin' day! YEA ;)

okay enough for that. I just like to upload a new pic!
It's just a little bit late - to late - but I let u see it anyway. It's a Xmas Card Design I did for the Christmas Eve 2012.

It's a little elf who helps Santa Claus to sharing out the christmas gifts. :)


Money Money

well good mornin' to u all
(especially to all the W.U. readers) ;)

I think this blog turns out more and more like a diary but it's okay ;)

Love it to show u my cartoony art!

Finally it's WEEKEND and I have time to draw again. I'm workin' on a epic piece of artwork. It's "just" a concept art. but I think it looks a bit like the traditinal paintings by Thomas Kinkade. ;)

well but if I post this artwork till some months will pass by!
To my new entry. It's a birthday gift for the 70th of my grandma. She liked it a lot. Hope u too.


The Love Fairy

well guys

long time I didn't post anythin' at my blog! It chance right now :) Finally found some time to write a new entry to my blog.

Okay what I have to say. I decided to post first some older stuff I did last year to my W.U. and today I'll upload a piece of artwork I REALLY love!

It's cartoony style. And it's about love. I had a lot of fun to draw it traditionally, than I did a digital copy and added some color. My main point was "Movement". I liked to creat a piece there somethin' moves. And that's it.

With other words: It's just my favorite piece at this time. Hopefully I create some more of this. ;)


Little Girl

okay finally I'm ready with my introduction and now as I said:


I decided to begin with some older pieces of artwork I did some months ago to show u my improvement from there till now.

Little Girl

< great this is my first cartoon drawin' I did for the 70th birthday of my grandma as an invitation card. Did this drawin' on 09/30/12. Done with Photoshop and MyPaint. First I draw the Outline with MyPaint. It has a really cool Ink-Tool. And after that I colored it in CS4 >

introduce myself

well guys

today I started my very first Blog called "Way Up" (short W.U.)!

I'm very excited 'cause I played with the idea to start a blog several times ago. So today it's a "epic" day for my hehe.

okay certainly u aks what this blog about and why I'm started this blog now?

I'm a hobby artist who likes to get better. U heard it several times: to improve the skills and a lot of this things. And that's exactly why I started this blog.

- The saddest part of the story: I can't study Design (whatever Illustration or Game Design) on University at this time. And here at Germany it's very tough to get into one of that schools. U have to write several entrance examinations. And so I decided to stand up, to take the reins and go my W. U. (that's why I called this blog W.U.) 'Cause if u have that big passion u can improve ur skills at self-studying. And honestly this is the point, isn't it. To learn the forms, shapes, outlines - draw and draw and draw and it's only u who can improve. U also need any University to get better.

- The main idea behind this blog: to show u not only my style, my pieces of artwork but rather my improvement. My self-studying.

- What kind of art I'll show on W.U.? I'll decided to learn more about cartoon, comic drawings, digital art, studies, doodles, sketches... all art I did I'll show u on my blog. A lot of art, art and more art u'll see here haha.

- So last but not least:

LET'S GO to WAY UP ... ;)