First Giveaway + special Video

UPDATE: 02.03 17:58
UPDATE II: 03.03 09.02
okay two days ago I posted and uploaded some new members of The Robo-Family...
to bring a little bit variety to my blog I'll post somethin' really special today. Did a traditional drawing in around one hour and I really love that little cute cartoony animal I drew haha ^^

I thinkin' about some new Card Designs for Easter! And this one is my first drawin' for Easter.

I decided to do

(from 2nd of March till 18th of March)

If u like to have this little cute creature just comment this post (u can do this anonym) with ur Name (or Nickname - if u like to stay anonym on the internet) and a little description why u love Easter!!!
f. e. Zoe, I love Easter 'cause I love chocolate. or somethin' else! or
Blue664, I love Easter 'cause I love holidays!

The tombola:
All of u who comment this blog - I'll do all the names into a 'hat' and then I pick up the winner.
(after the tombola all names will be erase)

The winner:
The winner will get the picture. The mailing expenses will be supported by myself. The winner accpet that its name (or nickname) will be publish at this blog after the tobmola.

19th of March:
At this date I will post the winner here at the Way Up blog. And I will request the winner to send me a e-mail with his/her delivery address. I will be pay the delivery expenses!

Other points:
I will not get any kind of money or something else for that tombola. The tombola is for free!


that's definitely not all. I did a video (okay some videos) of the process how I drew that little Easter bunny. (!!!U will find the video at the bottom of this post!!!)

But first of all I show u a slideshow - or the creation process of the Easter bunny!

The Easter Bunny BEFORE
tools of work (I love Faber-Castell)

BEFORE laminating
DURING laminating
AFTER laminating
AFTER laminating - final giveaway

And here's the first part of the Easter Bunny ^^ hope u enjoy (and sorry a little bit long 5 minutes)

!!!The First part of The Easter Bunny!!!

If u liked that designs stay tuned. More will follow. And if u like to see some rough LineArt or sketches/doodles about The Robo-Family u can follow me on 
Twitter: tony_eight
Or visit my DA account to see more toon drawings: http://t-eight.deviantart.com/