Easter Concept + 2nd Video

Wow it was a really nice week. And now it's weekend! ;) And time for another blogpost.

My last post was a new introduction of two new members for The Robo-Family but today I'll show you some new Easter Bunny designs for my Cards I design for my family and some friends. :)

I did a few head designs to get into that whole Easter Bunny thing. To check out how a bunny (of course a cartoony one) ^^ looks like and what's its special attributes. I searched a lot of bunnys/rabbits at the internet and found some really nice ones. :)

So for that time I did four different designs. Two femal and two male head designs. 
And I'm currently workin' on a full Easter Bunny Card Design!

But that's definitely not all. Additionally I post the second part of the Easter Bunny I drew traditionally. 
So hope u enjoy! ;)
rough sketches @ my sketchbook 
I really love it to use this blue pencil to draw some rough sketches into my sketchbook! :) Sorry for the quality it isn't really good at all.
digital drawing

And that's the digital version of my Easter Bunny-Head designs. Love all of them. Especially The Old Diva! Looks great haha :) ^^

And now the video (part two of The Easter Bunny) my giveaway. Ends @ 18th of March. If u like to sign in here's the link:

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More will follow. 
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