The Robo-Family IV

well guys it's been a while since I posted something new!

That'll chance right now ^^ ;)

Of course u will know what I post today. U are right: Two new Members of The Robo-Family!

Today I'll show u Mr. Smith. he's the Smith of the Robo-Family 'cause every Robot needs spare parts, isn't it :) And u already know Mr. Smith. He stands at the background of my blog ^^ :P

But that's definitely not all! I also show u Mr. Lud Wolf. I guess he's try to train his 'wolf howl' ^^ very funny 'cause he's train his howl at some flowers called "Yarrow" (german: Schafsgarbe)

So two new members!
But I also have to post a little advertising:
I'll do a giveaway (and I posted it some days ago at this blog) And I really hope that some more people will sign in. U just have to comment this post (or the older one) with ur Name (or Nickname) and why u love Easter!
here's the link for more information:

The Giveaway will End at 18th of March. So sign in today :)
Mr. Smith

Mr. Lud Wolf

If u liked that designs stay tuned. More will follow. And if u like to see some rough LineArt or sketches/doodles about The Robo-Family u can follow me on 
Twitter: @tony_eight
Or visit my DA account to see more toon drawings: http://t-eight.deviantart.com/
Or just see some rough sketches on Instagram: http://instagram.com/tony_eight

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