The Robo-Family V

And it's time for another two members of The Robo-Family.

At least I did overall ca 17 different members for The Robo-Family. Maybe I'll do some new designs if I have some free time :) I like to design an baker, executive chef, an caretaker and a till girl and MUCH MORE!

But that lays all in the future. Here are the next two Robots:

Sira Tolong - she is the tallest Robot of The Robo-Family. She's around 8.02 ft (2,5 m) tall. Wow very heavy isn't it?! ;)
Sira Tolong
And the second one is:
Mrs. Magpie - she's the thief of The Robo-Family. Thievish, twisty and sneaky are her characteristics.

Mrs. Magpie The Thief
 If u liked that designs stay tuned. More will follow. And if u like to see some rough LineArt or sketches/doodles about The Robo-Family u can follow me on 
Twitter: @tony_eight
Or visit my DA account to see more toon drawings: http://t-eight.deviantart.com/
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