The Guardian of Halloween

maybe some of you just saw one of my newest drawings I did after I finished my Robo-Family project.

Well it was a lot of fun to draw all these different members but now I'm currently workin' on somethin' more 'normal' cartoony style.

It's a character as usual. It's a Guardian (my buddy Toby Allen aka zestydoesthings told me he could be a Guardian) and I thought the idea is awesome. so...

... his name is Billy, Billy The Bat! And he's the Guardian of Halloween. Totally normal 'cause we all know the Guardians of XMas, Easter and the cute little Sandy of the animation movie "The Rise of the Guardians" by DreamWorks Animation - BUT we all need also a Guardian of Halloween, isn't it?!

So here are some very rough sketches, doodles and ideas I did the last few days.

head concept of Billy The Bat


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    1. oh wow thanks for your comment Dana Tri...

      I learned a lot how to draw the expression of an animal cartoon character!
      It was a lot of fun. More will follow hehe :)