The Robo-Family Part II (the eldest)

Gosh, I have a lot of fun to draw all this Robots for The Robo-Family!

The member of The Robo-Family will grow and grow each day. Yesterday I drew two new members. Mrs. Operator and Mr. Yad Wolf. But if I post them it'll be pass a bit of time 'cause first of all I have to show u the oldest member of The Robo-Family.

YEA u heard right. Every Family has its oldest members. And these two are the sporty ones. ^^
But Look and see! ;)

Mrs. Berta Bike

Mr. K. Fit

If u liked that designs stay tuned. More will follow. And if u like to see some rough LineArt or sketches/doodles about The Robo-Family u can follow me on 
Twitter: tony_eight
Or visit my DA account to see more toon drawings: http://t-eight.deviantart.com/

p.s. these two members of The Robo-Family are the first ones I drew!

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