The Guardian Angel

Wow what a very stressful and busy week. My internship it's finally over and I have to draw a lot. U read right: A LOT. Damn too little time. At my latest W.U. blog post I told u that I'll create some designs for my colleagues.

I still have to draw 18 different designs in less than 10 days. A huge project but I really have to accomplish it. Well u will see some of these creations at the beginning of March!

But here's another little piece of cartoony artwork I did some weeks ago. It's the Guardian Angel. He shall protect u ALL my dear W.U. readers ;) I try out some different coloring processes by the way. Didn't know exactly which one is the best for me to work with.

He's around 9 feet tall (2 meter) and his skin looks like broken marble/stone. He will definitely protect u.

The Guardian Angel

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