The Robo-Family Part I

It's over guys! It's finally over. My internship at the business company.

Worked around 6 month at that company and it was an amazing time to meet all that nice people and finally it was an great time. Thanks to be there, to be part of it :)

well AND today I'll show u the first drawings/designs of The Robo-Family. Of course more will follow the next few days!!!

Hope u like it haha. These Robots are gifts for my colleagues at the company. 

Mrs. Librarian

Mr. Fidelo Lupus
some Prints of The Robo-Family
If u liked that designs stay tuned. More will follow. And if u like to see some rough LineArt or sketches/doodles about The Robo-Family u can follow me on 
Twitter: tony_eight
Or visit my DA account to see more toon drawings: http://t-eight.deviantart.com/

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