introduce myself

well guys

today I started my very first Blog called "Way Up" (short W.U.)!

I'm very excited 'cause I played with the idea to start a blog several times ago. So today it's a "epic" day for my hehe.

okay certainly u aks what this blog about and why I'm started this blog now?

I'm a hobby artist who likes to get better. U heard it several times: to improve the skills and a lot of this things. And that's exactly why I started this blog.

- The saddest part of the story: I can't study Design (whatever Illustration or Game Design) on University at this time. And here at Germany it's very tough to get into one of that schools. U have to write several entrance examinations. And so I decided to stand up, to take the reins and go my W. U. (that's why I called this blog W.U.) 'Cause if u have that big passion u can improve ur skills at self-studying. And honestly this is the point, isn't it. To learn the forms, shapes, outlines - draw and draw and draw and it's only u who can improve. U also need any University to get better.

- The main idea behind this blog: to show u not only my style, my pieces of artwork but rather my improvement. My self-studying.

- What kind of art I'll show on W.U.? I'll decided to learn more about cartoon, comic drawings, digital art, studies, doodles, sketches... all art I did I'll show u on my blog. A lot of art, art and more art u'll see here haha.

- So last but not least:

LET'S GO to WAY UP ... ;)

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