Guys this is just an EPIC day. Or should I rather say: It's the Judgment Day?!

Haha that would be a bit to much, isn't it... so do u ask yourself: What the hell he's talkin' about?!
So u got the answer: I finally got my FIRST Iphone ever haha. Well some of u might think I'm to crazy but it's just I waited a loooooooong time for that opportunity! And today it came.

Great. U know why I'm soooo happy today ;) but let's talk about Art, Cartoon and my next entry. These are two entries today. A rough sketch and the finall pic.

It's Hephaestus. Had a lot of fun to creat this little cartoon character.
Did the WIP with MyPaint and the rest with Photoshop! Love this two tools. Amazing. What do u think?

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