Mini Fairy Concept

OMG guys have to share this with u ALL!

Today was a very very bad day. Haven't any ideas, and passion to draw somethin' so I decided to learn a bit of body shape and I liked to do a FanArt Drawing (haha u all know that these are the easiest if u don't know what to draw!) ^^

So I bought that AWESOME 'The Art of...' book about that adorable 'The Rise of The Guardian'... I love that movie (but today I'll see Wreck-It Ralph on DVD)  :)

By the way: I found some CUTE CUTE LOVELY concept drawings at that book about the Mini Fairies of the Tooth Fairy and I thought I could do some own details on that fairies.

I HAVE TO share this with u.
Thanks for that Awesome book and film @ DreamWorks Animation :)

mini fairy
p.s. all done with the open-source program: FireAlpaca (it's just soooo awesome) ;)
(c) DWA

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